Summer Trip to Canada
This year Mark had an especially busy summer at work, but managed to take us up to Canada for 2 weeks.

We all drove up on Saturday and stayed at a hotel just outside Detroit. On Sunday we dropped Mark off at the Detroit Airport to fly home while we continued driving to Toronto. The airport in Atlanta was closed due to severe storms so after waiting at the Detroit airport all day, Mark rented a car at 5pm and drove home to Atlanta by 4am and after a couple of hours sleep was at a clients at 8am.

We continued our trip and drove to Montreal and stayed at Nancy's for the week swimming in the pool and having a great time. The following week was spent at Port Hope, Ontario with Mark's mom and sister. Mark flew up and joined us for a day at Toronto Island on Friday and spent Saturday in Toronto with Tania, Craig, Zoe and Sarah.
We started driving home that afternoon, stopping in Niagra Falls for a few hours before driving to Pennsylvania. The hotels were full so we slepted in the van in the Hampton Inn parking lot before heading to the Hersey Chocolate Factory park. We drove to Virgina, stayed at a hotel and then continued driving home Monday.

© 2010 Mark and Linda Goodall