Lisa's Perfect Soccer Season
Lisa played the final game of her soccer season. They won their 10th game in a row with a score of 14-3, giving them a perfect record of 10-0 for the season with a total of 10 wins and 0 losses.

They racked up an impressive 100 goals just in their first 5 games alone, and went on to score over 150 during the whole season. While not official, they scored over 150 goals while allowing only 30 during the entire season. Their opponents provided more challenge as the season progressed, but none were able to come close to beating them.

Coach (Daddy) Mark and Coach Jeff were very proud of the girls' accomplishment, but not as proud as the girls were of themselves. Not only did they win each game, but each of them played an outstanding season improving their skills with each new game.

This was Coach Mark's 20th team coaching and the first time he had an Assistant Coach. Coach Jeff was great and the two of them had a great time coaching and teaching the girls.

© 2010 Mark and Linda Goodall