Big dirtbike trip in the mountains
Mark and Michael took another trip up to Highland Park in Cedartown, GA to do some riding in the mountains. This was Michael's first major trip on his new Honda CRF150F bike and the weather conditions didn't make for easy riding.

The rains that brought floods of National Emergency proportions in Atlanta earlier that week made half the trails a huge muddy mess. It was like trying to ride through 4" of butter. Some of the downhill parts were so slippery that even with locked front and rear brakes the bike would slide down faster than was comfortable.

Mark rode his Honda XR250R and Michael rode his Honda CRF150F and they both wore their new riding gear (pants, jersey's, gloves) that they just bought online at 90% off closeout.

Most of these photos were taken in the parking lot and the roads leading to the trails, and not on the trails themselves.

This is going to be a fun day!

A few practice runs in the parking lot before we head off fo the trails.

Heading out on the road that leads to the trails.

A little bit of mud!

Father and Son!

© 2010 Mark and Linda Goodall