Driveway Extension
The kids came home from school to find 6 tons of gravel sitting in the driveway and quickly decided that it was a great mountain to play on. A truck had delivered it just before they got home. We were extending our driveway to make more room to park the car, and dug out a section beside the driveway to fill with gravel. Unfortunately, we didn't get it completely dug out by the time the truck arrived, and the truck was too big to manouver into the space, so the gravel was dumped there. The project turned out to be much more work that we planned.

It's a lot harder to move 6 tons on gravel with a wheelbarrow and shovels than we thought. Everyone did a great job shoveling, dumping, pushing, raking, throwing and kicking the gravel into place, but I think next time we're just going to hire this sort of job out.

© 2010 Mark and Linda Goodall